SENSSE Pro LED Face Mask and Carry CaseSENSSE Pro LED Face Mask and Carry Case

Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case



Get the UK’s best-selling, award-winning, flexible fitting LED facemask proven to help multiple skin concerns. Ultra-lightweight, wireless with 4 super powerful LED wavelengths (red, blue, yellow and purple). Live your best skin life with luminous, glowing skin in as little as four weeks. Includes FREE vegan, leather carry case: The perfect, lightweight, cruelty-free case designed especially to protect and look after your SENSSE beauty collection.

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80 reviews for Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case

    My girlfriend purchased one from you and asked me to use it. I suffer from adult acne and rosacea and have been using harsh, skin drying lotion from my dermatologist for years now. If I stop for just a couple of days I break out in spots. However, since starting to use my girlfriends mask, and since buying my own, I have completely stopped using the skin drying lotion, and have had no breakouts at all!! It’s a miracle. My skin is softer, clear, feels moisturised and I feel so much better about the feel and look of my skin. As an added bonus my eye-bags appear to be improving too! I am absolutely delighted and cannot recommend this mask highly enough. I am a male, aged 61 and wish I had this 30 years ago
    I love this mask and it's 4 different lights!I have been using it for 8 weeks now and my skin is glowing and the wrinkles around my eyes are way less visible!
    So far, so good. It’s easy to use and after two weeks my skin feels different/better textured.
    Started using this product before my wedding day to get more tighter skin look. I loved it! It gave me time to relax beforehand and confidence on my big day in which I am super excited to see the wedding photos of.
    JULIE S.
    I have used it 3 times now and my skin already feels better, smoother, plumper and more hydrated. So far, I am very pleased.
    So far, so good (I'm on day one)
    victoria w.
    I'm really happy with my purchase, I have struggled for years with my skin and hormonal spots. I have definitely seen an improvement in the short time I have used it. I have only used the blue light so far and will continue to use the product as instructed and hopefully see more improvements.
    I’ve had this for over a year now and wow! The last few months I’ve not really bothered and what a difference! Back to the daily routine and almost back to completely smooth skin after 2 weeks! I’ve also got the neck led, microdermabrasion/planing pen and my cleanser arrived today. Just need you to make a foot file now please!
    So far so good, used a handful of times as not had very long, but my skin feels and looks more refreshed, and my ‘wrinkles’ or laugh lines as I like to call aren’t as prominent p
    This mask really works! I have been using it for two weeks now and I can already see the improvment, my wrinkels have reduced under my eys and my skin looks fresh. So pleasde that I bought this, as I was spending lot of money for beauty treatments in beauty salon. Very easy to use as well, so it's win win. Definetly recommend this product. Cant wati to see more result! I'm 60.
    I have been using the mask for 2 weeks and have already noticed an improvement in my skin. I have suffered from redness on my cheeks and chin and a very uneven skin tone in general for the last 20 years. I didn't expect the mask to make a difference so quickly but the redness has significantly reduced already. Also I woke up with a hormonal spot and after using the mask the spot had gone from red to pink and by the next day was barely noticable. Usually at the time of the month they would be very red and last for a week. Love this mask, wish I'd bought it sooner!
    Easy to use; good instructions how to use it; like the fact it is flexible rather than rigid.
    Very impressed so far
    Julie Fellows
    Easy to use but not long enough to see results. Not expecting anything for six weeks
    Got this as I saw a newspaper ad – looked easy to use and it is. My skin has uneven tones to it and this seems to be improving which is great as ive tried to cover this up for years – fingers crossed it continues and I can start to be make up free.
    Lynn Jonhson
    Great product only used it three times and already seeing results. Wished I’d have found it earlier
    Mrs S.
    Bought as a gift to myself – I use after the kids are in bed and I have my relaxation time. I pop on music, candles and on goes the mask. The quality of my skins appearance Is improving and it has to be this mask as I haven’t changed anything else in my routine.
    Robert Ryan
    Bought for my wifes birthday has only used it once so cannot say how good it is
    Arrived quickly and seems to be a very professional product.
    Margaret S.
    The mask arrived very promptly and is easy to use (unlike another one I purchased recently and returned) I have only been using it for a few days so can’t yet give a review of performance. If I’ve understood correctly you don’t need to use serum with it. All well so far.
    Julie A.
    I have only been able to use the mask twice so am unable to comment on its effectiveness but I was very impressed with the customer service & delivery time.
    Karen B.
    Very easy and comfortable to use. Arrived the next day after ordering. About to start my second week of using so can’t really comment on results just yet
    G B.
    I used to have LED therapy in my local beauty salon and it has always given my skin a healthy glow, so I decided to buy this to see if it worked as well for me at home – and it does! Once id got used to attaching the straps so they sat above my ears (this took the pressure off the nose) I am using 3 times a week and at my own convenience – love it.
    Diane L.
    Used the mask 3 times with trepidation but must admit that there is a definite improvement in my skins appearance already. Pleasantly surprised and can recommend.
    I have only had the mask just over a week and so far used it twice I am happy with the quality of the mask and look forward to using it more to see positive results
    Too soon to give any results but the mask is well made and the technology is fascinating. The nose piece is a little uncomfortable to start with but I will follow the instructions carefully with the hope of seeing good results in a few weeks. Excellent presentation and super quick delivery. The 60 day free trial gave me confidence to buy and give the mask a really good chance to work.
    Bryan B.
    W B.
    My daughter bought me this for my birthday as I had previously had an LED treatment at a beauty clinic. I’m seeing the same results after using and I can use in my own home now we are in lockdown again!
    Only had it a few days, used it twice, very pleased so far, not long enough to see difference.
    I admit I always buy into new beauty products – I believe in looking after my skin however I can. Some I’ve loved, others not so much – The SENSSE LED mask is probably the best electrical beauty product I’ve used – it really does live up to the claims. It’s easy to use, the instructions are simple and just lie back and the results follow.
    Brian K.
    WOW Great Gift
    Bought this as I kept getting breakouts on my cheek area and herd good things about LED therapy. I have been using for 2 weeks now (I alternate the programs) and my skin is so much better – I love that its so easy to use and I can just relax and switch off for 10 minutes. Impressed!
    John Habgood
    Very pleased with product
    Purchased a couple of weeks ago and my skin is beginning to look much more refined and pores less noticeable. I'm 57 and money well worth spent!
    Purchased this mask 2 weeks ago and am seeing a difference already in the general condition of my skin. Would recommend.
    My husband bought me this as a gift as I have rosacea and he knows how much it upsets me. I’ve used this mask for one month on the RED LED setting and its really working!
    Have been using this LED light face mask for a few weeks now. I'm really happy with the results it's made a big difference in my skin my face looks and feels more hydrated than before and have noticed improvements on my fine lines. Only small problem is it does leave a little dent on nose witch disappears after a few minutes.
    I got this for my wife but some one suggested I try it I have eczema and psoriasis and they said light therapy had worked for them, not only have I had a reduction in out breaks but both my wife and I appear to have reduced lines I can't say this willwork for everyone but for me its been a relief totally recommend this to everyone who will listen i only give it 4 star just because u found the nose support uncomfortable over long periods
    So as a result of the Covid 19 UK lockdown, I started to look at taking better care of my skincare regime. If you are considering investing in the Sensse Pro LED Face Mask, do it! It is so easy to set up and use. I use mine every other day for 10 minutes. I like the Red LED setting, which helps to improve blood circulation and stimulate collagen and tighten the skin. I am finding definite positive results and am loving it!
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    I would go monthly for facial treatments including light therapy and it adds up to a pretty penny! I know there are quite a few new products like this around but reading the reviews I was never tempted to purchase one until now. I have to say if you follow the instruction correctly you will see results, I have used it for over a month now and I can say my skin looks healthier as it encourages you to follow a routine. It's well made, easy to charge and set up, and cleaning is no issue... It has many light options that offer different results, my favourites are the red, yellow and purple, they encourage collagen growth, reduce wrinkles and the appearance of imperfections. It works and it's saving me money long term!
    Had this for a few weeks now and as i work outside didnt actually think it would help to regenerate my skin wrinkles have improved massively and skin feels so much better i would definitely recommend this product if you want to feel younger in the face again easy to set up and definitely part of a healthy routine
    Was quite scared to use this and it looked strange, but the instructions were easy enough to read, put the mask on my face and then turned it of, felt funny wearing it. But felt nice, would use again and my daughter even tried it
    Happy to try this mask as my skin was looking a bit dull and fine lines appearing. After a few uses I noticed my skin looked radiant and fresh. I set the programme on automatic so that it would go through all the necessary treatments for my face. I recommend this mask to others and its reasonably priced. Easy to set up and safe to use.
    This just amazing in the weeks i’ve been using it,ive noticed a great improvement in the fine lines round my eyes and forehead.also my skin looks and feels significantly better cant wait to keep useing it to see further improvement.its also so easy to use and feels very comfortable when on.
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Dont be put off by placing the mask on your face, it felt and looked a bit strange at first but keep at it. It was really easy to use and self explanatory, the different coloured lights do different things to your skin. Red to improve blood circulation, Blue reduce oil production, Yellow improves skin elasticity and Purple for skin imperfections, i mainly used the red and have seen an improvement in 2 weeks, i will continue to use and alternate with the yellow lights. I was a bit sceptical about this but would definately recommend its amazing.
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    This is a professional face mask that really delivers salon results. It is easy to use and doesn’t take much time to start seeing noticeable results. I have gradually increased the time and frequency that I use this mask and now use it four times a week for 10 minutes each time. The mask is flexible and comfortable to wear and the straps hold it securely to my skin. I have been using this over a month now and I have had comments about how well I look, I haven’t changed anything else so it must be the improvements from using this product. It’s an investment purchase but really works and I’m loving the improvements I am seeing
    I have been using this for a few weeks and I can honestly say I've noticed a change in my skin, it has 4 colour settings, I used the purple setting the most which was to help improve the appearance of skin imperfections. I noticed my skin had a glow where its usually dull!
    I’ve been using this led light therapy for a while and I am satisfied with it. I can see some improvement to my face but not huge. I’ll keep using it and I’m sure I’ll see better results. I was a bit sceptical at first but just needed a bit of time to get use with it.
    Oh wow, I love this! Used a few times now and have noticed a vast improvement on face. It’s also quite relaxing too! My friends are jealous and want one! I highly recommend this especially for problem areas on your face. Amazing!!
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Have been really impressed with this Sensse mask. The instructions were clear, easy to follow and concise. The mask was quick to charge and didn’t require re-charging very often. The mask was easy to set up and was comfortable to wear with a black, soft padding band. The product was lightweight and attached easily round the back of my head with a Velcro strip. There are four different settings- each to combat and target different problem areas. I predominately used the red light, which was specifically for delaying skin ageing and repairing damage to old tissue. After a few weeks of use, my skin felt tighter and smoother. I also used the yellow setting, which was designed to combat wrinkles. After a month’s use, I found the product easy to incorporate into my skin care routine and I was impressed with the results. I am looking forward to continuing to use the mask and see the continued positive effects.
    I've used this mask for a while now and just starting to see results. This mask has 4 different light colours which aim to help improve several different problamtic areas. I have used mine on the red lights which helps with improving the blood circulation and anti aging. It's very easy to put together and use.
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    I’ve been using the Sensse LED face mask for a few weeks now, started off with a few minutes as instructions advise then built up to the full 10 minutes. I like the fact that you can use an auto function or pick a specific colour LED setting to target different issues or combine them all to cover everything, it’s really easy to use with the simple remote control and is charged via a usb plug, I have started to notice an improvement in my skin appearance and hope it continues with increased use. My only issue with the face mask is the nose piece is quite hard and uncomfortable, it needs to be much softer to make it easier to wear as it can distract from what would otherwise be a relaxing treatment.
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    So glad I tried this mask and so is my skin! I loved all the different settings for all the different problems that my skin has, such as wrinkles, sagging and oily skin. It's so versatile and extremely easy to use, if I can get the hang of it anyone can. My skin has certainly tightened up in the 4 weeks since I started using it and it's not as oily which is great. It only takes a few minutes each day so can easily fit into anyone's routine. Will certainly continue to use this mask!!!
    Having never used anything like this before, I was excited to give it a try! The packaging it comes in is of good quality, however for the price, I would of expected it to be of a more premium quality. The product itself is of excellent quality. Trying this out for the first time, I was a bit skeptical, but after using the recommended minutes and days for first time use over a couple of weeks, did I notice a difference? I would say an ever so slight difference! Continual use would be required to get the full benefits of this I think. The mask itself when wearing feels odd as its not something you're use to and it looks weird, especially when lit up. The different modes are good to give you a good choice on what results you want to end up with. The only thing I didn't like about this was the nose support. It is a hard foam like material and I found it very uncomfortable across the bridge of my nose. Other than that, it seems to work and with more use over time could potentially lead to better skin!
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Being using this for 4 weeks now, I’m not sure I’m seeing any benefits yet, I’m still using and will still continue to use it, in the hope of gaining the benefits it says. It hurts the bridge of my nose as it’s hard plastic but as it’s only 5/10 mins use a day it’s ok, the battery seems to last well about 4 days so the charging is contest which I like, I’ve moved on to using the automatic setting now so it pays the full 10 minutes and it only take a few hours to be fully charged. The elastic that goes around ur head to keep the mask in place is good when u don’t have a pony tail but it’s workable any, it keeps the mask in place so that’s good, must remember to keep my eyes closed or it can hurt/damage ur eyes!
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Elaine 77
    I got this about six weeks ago and im loving it, im 42 and im at that age were i really need to take care of my skin im getting older and can see fine lines and wrinkles on my skin so when i saw this it sounded amazing definitely better than face fillers or surgery in my eyes, its been so easy to use u start off with 5 minutes every 3 days till you build it up to week 4 when u can use it every day if needed, it comes with great instructions to. It has been Amazing its so relaxing also but iv noticed a difference allready in my skin in the space of 6 weeks it feels tighter and brighter and feel like its got rid of some of my wee imperfections. I would definitely recommend this LED face mask from sensse its well worth the money for your skincare/selfcare especially some of the beauty salons are charging a bomb for this so definitely a great at home spa experience. Im loving it and cant wait to see more results in the longer period of time but all in all its a fantastic skincare product!!
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    I received this light therapy mask. Absolutely love it My skin feels so soft after using this. The only down side is the plastic bridge that goes over the nose is very hard and starts to hurt the beige of your nose after a while. But other then that is brilliant. I’d differently recommend to friends and family
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Well, here I am nearing the big 4-0 and feeling in need with a helping hand to banish the existing wrinkles and help combat the risk of new ones appearing. Having more time on my hands lately (for obvious reasons) it was time to start a new look after myself regime and this light mask has helped me tremendously. I feel in a good routine after following the build up instructions and now after 4 weeks can see a difference especially on my forehead where some of the lines were quite deep and prominent. I’m hoping by carrying on using the mask a few times a week by the time the big birthday arrives in December it will be visible to not only myself but to others too. Very very happy with my mask and looking forward to my next ‘session’ with it on.
    I’ve been using this light therapy mask for my acne prone skin for a number of weeks now. I can honestly say my skin has never looked better. I started off with a low mode then gradually built it up and started using the different settings. It’s absolutely amazing. I do feel it’s contributed to my skin getting about 75% clearer. I think in the next month or so my skin will totally clear up. I’ve stopped having breakouts too. Would absolutely recommend to all.
    I really wasn’t expecting much from this and for some aspects such as reduced wrinkles it is still to soon to tell. However after 3 uses my friends and family had noticed that my skin was glowing. Fantastic! It’s easy to set up, comfortable when wearing and really helps me to relax once it’s on. Highly recommend and can’t wait to see what this can do over a longer period of time
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    I have quite a few skin concerns , ageing, elasticity etc so the idea of the sensse fave mask really appealed to me. You simply charge up the controller before use, very simple, just charges via usb cable and then once fully charged you plug the charger into the mask and you can change settings manually or leave it run on auto if you like. The different like settings help with different skin concerns , I tried them all and my skin felt Lovely and soft afterwards, I’d definitely recommend this, it’s also very relaxing
    Have been using the Sensse LED light therapy mask for a few weeks now and I can honestly say I’ve seen the difference this has made to my skin and complexion. The fine lines around my eyes and mouth have been reduced, my troublesome spots have gone. I’m really impressed.
    I got this for my wife 3 weeks ago and she says it is amazing feels comfortable on and is clearing and fighting her skin like nothing else she has tried before will recommend for others as it really does the trick her skin looks fantastic since we got it
    Leah S
    Having only used this mask for two weeks, I haven't seen any significant changes to my skin. I assume I would need to continue using the mask a bit longer to see any visible results. I can comment on the comfort of this product however and the fact that it is fairly easy to operate. There are different light options to target specific issues with your facial skin.
    This took me a while to get used to but has had a great effect on improving my skin. It’s much more hydrated and I feel like I’m starting to look younger The only thing is Im Not sure it fits my face as well as it might fit others but still works
    Ive been using this mask for a few weeks now and already seeing results. This mask has 4 settings each one targeting a different problem. I'm currently using this mask on the blue light settings which helps target oily skin. I will be trying out the manual setting really soon. This is comfortable to wear and very easy to use. Once you have set your setting i find it easier to set a timer on my phone then relax whilst the mask gets to work.
    As I could not go to my salon which was closed, I wanted to use a product that would help my skin look more radiant and rejuvenated and have a salon experience in my own home, well this product is amazing, it provided everything I needed. I had noticed a difference in my skin, it is glowing and my fine lines seemed to have near enough disappeared and I have got more elasticity back, especially where my mouth area is. I used all four of the different coloured programmes, but I stuck mainly to the yellow programme as I felt this was more suited for my skin problems. It is very easy to use, felt very comfortable. The other great thing about this mask is that you can relax with it or walk around the house, I even vacuumed whilst wearing it. Now that the salon is closed, I feel that as I continue using this mask, I am getting the salon results and saving money in the comfort of my own home.
    Seen results in a few days. Age marks seemed to fade quickly. And crows feet looked less visible. Only down fall was needs a full charge when opening the box. Liked the way you can change the lights to target different areas. Here’s to looking younger
    We brought this for our daughter and it worked a absolute treat she used it daily and her hormone inspired spots all went after around a week she now has her confidence back and is so much happier in herself and she says her skin is alot better now
    I've only been using the mask for a couple of weeks but can see a difference in the glow in my skin. Need to use longer to see if it actually works as I'm using it for fine line wrinkles. Fits nicely on the face not uncomfortable
    My skin has improved since using this mask. Its lightweight and very easy to use. I did found the nose area a little uncomfortable but its only for 5 - 10 minutes and you do get used to it. The results so far have been very good slight reduction in wrinkles and skin slightly tighter. Really impressed so far.
    I have been using this product for a few weeks now and have to say it fits the shape of my face and my husbands well, it is comfortable to wear however a little discomfort on the bridge of my nose! That said it is well worth it and I have started to notice a positive effect it is having on my facial skin, my wrinkles and fine lines appear to be less prominent which I assume means my skin is tightening nicely. It is rechargeable and comes with a handy remote control. Highly recommended
    I quite like this mask it is easy to use. There are 4 different setting to choose from depending on what you are using it for. I have notice a slight differance on my face already but i have only been using it for a few weeks now so i might need to give it a bit longer to notice a huge differance.
    I've been using this for a while now and it definitely seems to work. My skin seems more hydrated and there are a lot less wrinkles. My only slight negative is the nose part of the mask feels uncomfortable. Overall, apprehensive at first, but it seems to do the trick...
    Wow is the first thing I have to say about the the sensse LED light therapy mask. Once I received the mask, I read the instructions which were really simple and easy to understand and charged up the mask. I did my usual facial routine in the evening and then put my mask on and relaxed, okay admittedly it isn't exactly comfortable on the bridge of the nose (well it wasnt for me) it pinched and left a little dent but it soon went after. I'm on week 3 of using the mask and now starting to see my wrinkles on my forehead and the side of my eyes starting to look less prominent. I turn 40 next month and this has given my fsce a little boost. Of course its not going to make me look like 21 again but it is certainly something I couldn't live without I'm usually sceptical with these kind of things but honestly it's worth it and so nice you are able to use something as luxury as this in the comfort of your own home instead of going to a salon. This will certainly be a part of my routine now. Even my husband is wanting to use it now.
    After using The therapy mask for just over three weeks I can see some changes in my skin. It's not an overnight fix but my thin line wrinkles seem to be less visible and my skin feels and looks healthier. It is nice to take 5 - 10 minutes to just relax and let the mask do it's thing. It has 4 functions to help certain skin concerns or an automatic one (not used yet) that goes through all four. My only gripe was the bit that bridges over the nose is quite uncomfortable and leaves an indentation even after a short time. Hence the 4 out of 5 marking.
    I feel I've seen a difference in my skin, definitely looks brighter, seems smoother and it doesn't seem to get as oily. Very easy to use the instructions were very clear it's comfortable to wear I love this product it gets 10/10 from me.
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    Pro LED Face Mask + FREE Vegan Carry Case photo review
    I got this wonderful led mask at first I thought it would be complicated to use but really it is really easy. Instruction to use is in detail and do read before setting up. First charge on manual and set the light to what you want needed ,use for 5 min then increase use as it says on instructions. I felt the warmth of light on my face but no irritation or anything. Good for part of face routine. Easy fastener on each side of mask according to size you want, I did not feel it heavy on my face. Different settings for what you want for face. Worth buying if used regular.
    I was really excited to try this as I am very into skincare but can’t afford regular salon facial prices. I followed the instructions and used this daily to begin with. The instructions were easy enough but the fit of the mask around the nose area was a little off and uncomfortable but not a major factor. I feel I have seen a change in my skin looking and feeling more healthy. It could be too soon to tell but no difference on fine lines. If you are someone who will regularly use this then it is worth investing however to me it obviously doesn’t match up to salon facials but it’s a good alternative. I’d recommend it to anyone serious about their skincare routine.

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