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The SENSSE LED Face mask uses high grade silicone for safe & comfortable use & is flexible for any face shape. 90 lights to emit wavelengths.

RED LED Light helps to improve blood circulation, delay skin aging and helps to stimulate collagen growth to repair damaged and old tissue as well as tightening the skin.
Wavelength interval in nanometers 622nm


BLUE LED light helps in the reduction oil production in the skin.
Wavelength interval in nanometers 463nm


YELLOW LED light helps promote lymphatic drainage, improve skin elasticity and helps prevent skin drying, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
Wavelength interval in nanometers 592nm


PURPLE LED light combines BLUE AND RED LED light to help improve the appearance of skin imperfections.
Wavelength interval in nanometers 425nm

The LED mask emits light at specific wavelengths and frequencies that can penetrate the skin, depending on the light colour selected. Each light colour targets specific cells and has its own results helping to improve most skin concerns.

A handheld remote control to change settings and also acts as a charger.

  • 4 different LED light options for specific skin concerns
  • 90 led lights – emit into skin


How often should I use my mask?

Week 1
Use once every 3 days, no more than 5 minutes at a time.

Week 2
Use once every 2 days, no more than 5 minutes at a time.

Week 3
Use once every 2 days, no more than 10 minutes at a time.

Week 4
You an use once every day (if needed) , no more than 10 minutes at a time.

When can I use the automatic mode?

The Automatic (A) mode can only be selected after 4 weeks of use and only if you have had no previous adverse reaction to any of the light settings. After the LED face mask is turned on, press the ‘AUTO/MANUAL’ button once to switch the LED face mask into automatic mode.

If the LED light of the A setting flashes 5 times without any other button being operated, the LED face mask automatically commences an automatic treatment program of 5 minutes RED LED light illumination, 3 minutes BLUE LED light illumination, 4 minutes YELLOW LED light illumination and 3 minutes PURPLE LED light illumination.


The SENSSE PRO LED Face mask was developed for improving a multiple of skin concerns, from improving blood circulation, reducing wrinkles, stimulation collagen growth to improving age spots and skin imperfections. The 90 LED lights omit at different levels to cover a multitude of concerns and give a noticeable improvement over 4 weeks use.  There are 4 different LED light programmes to select from, each offering a different treatment with a maximum of 10 minutes for 1 treatment and 1 automatic treatment that covers all 4 lights with a 15 minute programme. Use as per instructions to see visible results after 4-6 weeks


In a recent consumer test 95% of women said their skin looked visibly brighter and smoother; 80.75 of women said fine lines and wrinkles are less visible and improved and 90% of women would highly recommend this product


To charge the control panel, attach the charging cable to the controller at the bottom where the round circle is – this is the charging point. This will start to charge the control unit.

White LED Lights will start to appear as the unit charges – M1 will appear first – all the way to M4. Once all four white LED lights on the controller are lit, your control panel is fully charged. Remove the charging cable. (All 4 LED lights will then go off which is normal)

Connect the control panel to the cable attached to the mask and you are ready to commence treatment.


When you first start to use the mask we recommend you only use once every 3 days, no more than 5 minutes at a time, so your skin can get used to the therapy treatment.



Attach the straps to the mask at either side, you can adjust these to suit your head size and shape for your comfort – its is more comfortable for the straps to to sit above the ears rather than below (dependant on the shape and size of your head).


Hold the top on/off button down for 2 seconds and the M1 light will appear as well as the M (Manual) light. The initial LEDs that light up are the RED. By pressing the top button again the selection moves to BLUE, press again and then it moves to YELLOW and then finally PURPLE.


Once you select your desired programme you can stop pressing the power selection button and the treatment time will start after 5 seconds for a treatment time of 10 minutes. Simply relax.


You can press and hold the power / selection button for up to 3 seconds to turn the LED face mask off at any stage. For the first four weeks as we recommend you use for less than the fixed 10 minute programme, we would suggest you time your treatments to enable you to manually switch off


Once you have completed treatment remove the face mask and wipe it with a warm damp cloth to clean. Store safely.

Important Information

Our SENSSE LED Mask has been designed to treat the indications listed only.


DO NOT USE if you are pregnant, or planning on getting pregnant or breastfeeding.


DO NOT USE this device if you suffer from migraines that are brought on by light or any sensitvity to light – using this device if you suffer from photosensitivity can cause adverse skin reactions.


DO NOT USE if you suffer from any diseases that involve the retina of the eye, (such as diabetes)


DO NOT USE if you suffer from systemic Lupus Erythematosus as useage may cause an adverse skin reaction


DO NOT USE if you have a history of skin cancer


DO NOT USE – YOU CANNOT USE any LED THERAPY if you have taken Isotretinoin (Anti-Acne), also known as Accutane in the last 6 months.


CAUTION : Must wait five days after Botox or cosmetic fillers before commencing treatment.


CAUTION : Clients with Epilepsy, Thyroid conditions, post operative wounds, or those with a pacemaker should ALWAYS consult their physician before beginning LED light therapy treatment.




DO NOT USE this device if you are taking any medication that is known to cause photosensitivity.


Temporary photosensitivity is a known side effect of many medications including many antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs and other types of oral tablets such as St Johns Wort. We would advise that if you are on any sort of medication or taking any supplement or vitamin you contact your Doctor before commencing any sort of light therapy

71 reviews for Professional LED Face Mask

    Robert Ryan
    Bought for my wifes birthday has only used it once so cannot say how good it is
    Having never used anything like this before, I was excited to give it a try! The packaging it comes in is of good quality, however for the price, I would of expected it to be of a more premium quality. The product itself is of excellent quality. Trying this out for the first time, I was a bit skeptical, but after using the recommended minutes and days for first time use over a couple of weeks, did I notice a difference? I would say an ever so slight difference! Continual use would be required to get the full benefits of this I think. The mask itself when wearing feels odd as its not something you're use to and it looks weird, especially when lit up. The different modes are good to give you a good choice on what results you want to end up with. The only thing I didn't like about this was the nose support. It is a hard foam like material and I found it very uncomfortable across the bridge of my nose. Other than that, it seems to work and with more use over time could potentially lead to better skin!
    I was really excited to try this as I am very into skincare but can’t afford regular salon facial prices. I followed the instructions and used this daily to begin with. The instructions were easy enough but the fit of the mask around the nose area was a little off and uncomfortable but not a major factor. I feel I have seen a change in my skin looking and feeling more healthy. It could be too soon to tell but no difference on fine lines. If you are someone who will regularly use this then it is worth investing however to me it obviously doesn’t match up to salon facials but it’s a good alternative. I’d recommend it to anyone serious about their skincare routine.
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