Would you recommend switching between light settings during a single session or is it better to stay on one setting?

"It is fine to switch LED Treatment light settings as long as the mask is only on for a maximum of 10 minutes in total and after the skin tests have been done" There is an automatic programme that covers all 4 light settings that can be selected after you have used the mask for a 4 week period.

Does the SENSSE PROFESSIONAL LED FACE MASK help reduce pore size?

The mask is designed to tighten and smooth skin and as such will reduce the appearance of larger pores.

Can you use the SENSSE PROFESSIONAL LED FACE MASK if you have fillers in your face?

Yes, the LED light therapy can be used after having fillers, we would advise waiting for a week after initial filler treatment.

Does the SENSSE PROFESSIONAL LED FACE MASK help with pigmentation?

Yes, using the purple light setting can help with pigmentation and other skin imperfections.

The SENSSE PROFESSIONAL LED FACE MASK states to use it 10 mins a day – is this in total or each light setting per day?

Each individual light setting programme is preset to a 10minute cycle and we would only advise one programme to be used in a day.The auto programme runs for 15 minutes and again this is used once in a day.

Can you use face serum when using the SENSSE PROFESSIONAL LED FACE MASK?

We would advise using the LED Light Therapy with clean dry skin and then using a serum after the treatment.

Can I add moisturizer before applying the SENSSE PROFESSIONAL LED FACE MASK?

We wouldn’t ever advise face creams before LED therapy as they tend to be heavier in consistency. We’d advise to use your skincare products only after you’ve completed your LED light treatment. You can however use a serum during the treatment.

Can you use the SENSSE PROFESSIONAL LED FACE MASK if you have face fillers?

Yes, you can use LED light therapy after having face fillers – we would advise a day to allow the face fillers to settle and then you can continue LED use as normal

Will the SENSSE PROFESSIONAL LED FACE MASK help with roseacia?

Red light therapy helps promote healing and may work to decrease the visibility of acne scarring. It also has anti-inflammatory capabilities. Red light therapy works deep below the surface of your skin to help soothe and repair tissue this is dependent on how bad the scarring is.

Should you use goggles when using the SENSSE PROFESSIONAL LED FACE MASK?

Googles are not required when using this mask. SENSSE is designed to ensure your eyes don’t get harmed. We recommend you keep your eyes fully shut during the procedure to ensure no light is exposed to your retina.


The SENSSE PROFESSIONAL LED FACE MASK is completely pain free, anti-ageing mask harnesses two combinations of light therapy to rejuvenate your complexion.

How long will I see results from the SENSSE PROFESSIONAL LED FACE MASK?

In 4 weeks you should notice visible skin results.

Can I use more than one colour setting at a time?

No. You should follow our ‘how to use’ guide and stick to one targeted treatment at a time. The maximum time to use SENSSE is 10 mins a day unless you are using the automatic setting which runs for 15mins.


Can I use the SENSSE SILHOUETTE NECK MASK on other parts of my body, such as the décolletage?

Yes, you can use the SENSSE Silhouette Neck Mask on the décolletage area, as long as you avoid using across the nipple area.

Can I use the SENSSE SILHOUETTE NECK MASK with a neck serum?

We would advise to use the mask on a clean dry neck area, but then use the serum after the selected programme has finished.

Is it normal for the skin to flush red after using the SENSSE SILHOUETTE NECK MASK ?

Yes this is normal in some skin types and the redness should dissipate after a couple of hours.

Can I move around wearing the SENSSE SILHOUETTE NECK MASK ?

Yes, it’s one of the benefits of the SENSSE range of LED Light Therapy masks, you can continue to move around, one of our team uses hers whilst ironing!


Can I use the SENSSE ENERGY CLEANSER LED light programme without using the silicon cleanser part?

Yes, the SENSSE Energy Cleanser can be used on the massage setting only, just select the LED programme you desire (Red, Blue or Purple) and then use holding the silicon part and use in a sweeping motion from the centre of the face outwards.

How long should I cleanse my face with the SENSSE ENERGY CLEANSER?

We would suggest 1 minute for the face, in 15 seconds periods (Forehead, cheeks, chin, nose) and 30 seconds for the neck area.

The purple led light programme is making a tingling sensation when using the SENSSE ENERGY CLEANSER – is this normal?

Yes, this is the bioelectricity stimulation which reacts with the underlying muscle in the face, tightening and toning for a brighter and more toned look.


I have skin flare ups occasionally – can I still use the SENSSE Micro Derma Duo?

The SENSSE MICRO DERMA DUO device should never be used on inflamed or irritated skin as this can cause infection. Make sure you use when your skin is in a healthy condition.

Can I use the SENSSE MICRODERMA DUO with the Dermaplane blades on wet skin?

No, you should only Dermaplane blades on dry clean skin. Ensure you wash and cleanse your skin before using .

Do I need to apply pressure when im using the blades?

No, as the SENSSE Micro Derma Duo has vibration intensity levels, this vibration enables the device to glide across the skin without added manual pressure.

I used the microdermabrasion blades and my skin is quite red – is that normal?

Yes, as you are removing dead skin cells the skin underneath is generally flush / red. This should go back to normal after 24hrs

Will the SENSSE MICRODERMA DUO blades cut my skin?

No, the skin is protected from the blade by an invisible safety net that is inbuilt into the tip.

The SENSSE MICRODERMA DUO stopped suddenly – is this normal?

The device is set to automatically switch off after 10 minutes so if you are using for a longer period of time then just restart the device.

Will the SENSSE MICRODERMA DUO make my facial hair grow back thicker and darker?

No, the device works on the visible part of the hair, not the root, so the hair texture does not change.


How long should I use the SENSSE BAMBOO CLEANSER each day?

We would advise 1 minute on the face and 30 seconds on the neck. Use is a sweeping motion from the nose outwards on the face and from the centre of the neck to the ear area.

What setting should I use the SENSSE Bamboo Cleanser?

As the Bamboo Cleanser has 8 vibration settings we would advise to start off on a low setting and then increase as you get used to the device.

How do I keep the SENSSE BAMBOO CLEANSER clean?

After use, we suggest rinsing the device in warm water and then pat dry with a towel and store in a safe clean place.

My SENSSE BAMBOO CLEANSER switched itself off – is it faulty?

No, the device is automatically set to switch off after 15minutes, if this happens just press the on/off button to restart.


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