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It’s like cardio contouring for your face! The SENSSE Energy Face Cleanser is a new innovative multi-tool that is designed as both a gentle exfoliator and LED skin tightening beauty device. It uses powerful EMS microcurrents and Bio-electric, LED light technology to help stimulate the vitality of your skin and boost collagen production. It restores energy in your face by boosting circulation.

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42 reviews for LED Energy Face Cleanser

    Megan W.
    Bought thus for my granddaughter and so glad I did. She loves it and her skin looks amazing
    Claire C.
    Got this for my daughter for Christmas &, as far as I know, she loves it! 5+☆
    I am usually pretty good to my skin, especially after 2 kids and as I approach my mid 30s. I would say my make up is more eye heavy, but I do use tinted moisturiser and spent alot of time outside. This wee device is just epic. Smartly packaged and a nice piece of tech. The information booklet is super informative and highlights all the different features. It is really easy to navigate and I really like the heat setting. I also really noticed a difference even over a short space of time!
    Really good face cleanser, perfect for a daily regime. Very easy to use , only need to apply small amount of cleansing lotion. Clear instructions on the box how to use which are easy to remember. The cleanser can be used for deep clean as well as massage Really can see the difference after just one use , my pores are less visible and face looks and feels clean and fresh. Love it
    Sensse energy cleanser is an amazing product. I have been using my cleanser for over a week and can visibly see a huge difference in my complexion. My skin has a healthy glow and appears clear and firmer. Love the warmer sensation on my skin. Feels like I have had a professional facial. The sensse cleaner is so easy to use with great results.
    This is an incredible tool! My skin felt so soft and smooth after using this with my usual cleanser. I felt like it had really cleaned and refreshed my skin. It really did an amazing job. I love that itvhas various modes depending on what your looking to do. The massage tool i found was lovely under the eyes. I'm so impressed. The bristles are so soft as well, real treat for your skin
    I noticed the difference in my skin instantly. Never seen anything work so quickly. I can’t fault this at all. 15 seconds on each part of your face and the difference it’s makes is so amazing. Took all the dead skin off, opened my pores and allowed me to get so much dirt off my face. It’s a perfect size to fit in your hand, I love how it charges, it’s designed to keep the water out, don’t know how that was thought of but it works and it’s brilliant. I felt my skin tighten up almost instantly. I don’t know how they’ve designed this and the thought process but I will recommend this to everyone. It’s fantastic and for the price, it’s worth every single penny.
    This is the first time I’ve used Sensse products, and I’m happy with the results so far. I’m using it now for about 2 weeks, and it helped my skin feel “deep cleaned”. Very handy, like it was meant to take the shape of your palm. It’s is easy to use but it needed an hour charge before first use. The different colours help you know what settings is the machine on, like the blue is the deep clean, red is for the heat one. My sensitive skin has no problem with it, feels softer and cleaner.
    This silicone cleanser is a pleasure to use. To use you just need to rinse your face and apply a small amount of cleanser. it has 3 modes, first mode is deep cleansing which has a blue light to reduce oil production, this mode vibrates quickly to lift debris for a deeper clean. Mode 2 is massage which is a red light to stimulate collagen & activate heat energy to open pores removing deep pore waste, this feels so soothing on my skin. The 3rd mode is purple light and is a micro current which restores elasticity & improves the appearance of imperfections, this mode feels invigorating and zingy, however you have to place your thumb on the back panel for it to work & I’m not keen on the prickly sensation on my thumb during this mode. Results can be seen immediately after the first use, my skin looks clear and glowing and feels so smooth afterwards. The vibration and massage action really works to boost blood flow for that fresh and glowing look so it’s worth the extra effort.
    The Sensse energy cleanser is a small device that fits comfortabley in the palm of my hand. It has 3 soft silicone parts and the colour is pe leading to the eye. The device is easy to charge via USB and comes with a little stand so it’s easy to keep on your dressing table. I have been using this cleanser now for over a week, it removes my makeup quickly and my skin feels refreshed and glows with health. I love the heat massage function and it’s like a having a facial in the comfort of your own home. It has been my daily go to routine and my skin has never looked better and brighter. Would highly recommend everyone to have one of these as per of their daily beauty regime.
    I felt in love with this beauty tool after first use. It is so handy, perfect cleanse and open pores on my face - I can see result straight away after use. My face becames so soft, clean and clear - just amazing little magic cleanser. It very easy to use, just charge and enjoy face cleaning and massage every day. Cleanser have heating up option - to open pores and vibration option to remove dead skin and grease off face. If you want to have glowing and deep cleansed face skin, I can't recomend enough - this cleanser is just perfect to have.
    This cleanser is attractive looking as it's rose coloured. It worked quickly to remove make-up and I also liked using it to massage my skin. I was pleased that it did not cause my skin to dry out. I enjoyed using this product.
    Pokemon queen
    Absolutely loved this , I used this first time and so happy with the results, my skin looks a lot better ,after using this my skin feel so soft and smooth and glowing ,this little amazing device have so many different settings like scrub , exfoliate and heat massage .it become a daily part of my beauty regime
    I’m really pleased I got this product and so is my husband as he’s been using it too! It really is a great cleanser. It does everything that it states on the box perfectly. We loved how it’s light weight and gives off that bit of heat to help with the cleanse. It feels like a gentle facial massage. It leaves your skin feel really refreshed and renewed. Definitely recommend this to be added to anyones beauty regime.
    I have used this now for 2 weeks and the difference it has made to my skin is amazing! My face has not felt and looked this good in a long time it’s made acne fade, it makes your face feel so refreshing and dirt free, I love all the settings it gives you, it’s the best!
    This is my first time using a face cleanser like this and I have to say it’s amazing. It’s so easy to use, with three different settings to chose from. My favourite is red the deep cleansing. My skin has never felt so clean. I love it, my skin isn’t dry afterwards, it feels refreshed and just amazing. It has a little “massage how to” in the manual and it’s my new favourite routine at night for a little me time. Then it just simple lives in its little holder. Highly recommended it’s just amazing, wish I got one ages ago.
    Amazing product ! Removes make up amazingly and leaves skin feeling amazing and clean. It's easy to use , has easy to use instructions for first time users like my self and the results are amazing ! Definitely recommend.
    I love how small and compact this is. It doesn't have a large "footprint" so doesn't take up much space at all. I suffer from dull and dry skin. Not sure if it's a sign of getting older...but this little gadget really helped to lift some of the dullness and inject some life back into my face. Would definitely recommend!
    I absolutely loved this , I used this first time and so happy with the results, my skin looks a lot better ,after using this my skin feel so soft and smooth and glowing ,this little amazing device have so many different settings like scrub , exfoliate and heat massage .it become a daily part of my beauty regime
    Sensse energy cleanser is a new and exciting way of deepening cleaning of the face. Sensse is absolutely gorgeous design. It’s leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. This is great for removing dry skin to make my skin feel alive and radiant.
    Ive been using this product every night, the improvement of my skin has been huge, it opens up your pores while soothing my skin leaving it smooth, it had different settings, scrub setting & exfoliate setting so its like having a salon at home
    I wasn’t sure how this could possibly make any difference to my problematic skin, but within 2 weeks it’s providing a beauty gem of a find ! It comes in high end packaging , and take about 20 mins for its first charge . I am using it twice a day , and has deep cleaned my skin morning and night - an absolute must have for skin of all ages . Aesthetically designed - this is truly a beauty must have
    It’s still early days as I’ve only been using this for 10 days but I’m not overly convinced. I have struggled to see or feel any difference between the 3 settings which I was expecting more of. It does make the skin feel a little tingly after which I quite enjoy but I wasn’t getting that glow that I was hoping for. I will perserve as I'm a believer these things do take some time
    I wasn't sure if this would be any different to other cleaners iv used before but have to say wow this one is amazing. It's a lovely shape and really simple to use. My skin has been so much better since iv been using this which I didn't think would be possible. Definitely recommend this If your looking to improve your skin care routine.
    This little gadget has helped my skin care routine so much. It really helps get the product right into the skin which is great. The different functions are fabulous especially the heat one which helps melt my cleansing balm. The massage function is also brilliant. My skin has never felt so clean! Also love the little stand that it comes on so it take pride of place on my bathroom shelf!
    Glad I decided to try one of these out, it's a great overall cleansing device that's really gentle on my skin but gives a deep down cleanse and removes all trace of make up. It left my skin looking fresh and refined! Extra bonus for the fabulous colour, stand and good price!
    I was initially quite dubious to how this would work but it really does. This makes your skin seem brighter and fresher almost straight away and I have definitely seen a reduction in break outs. The only reason I didn’t give it 4 stars was because if you use it on purple mode in the shower it gives you a pins and needles type ‘shock’ in your fingers and I didn’t enjoy the sensation. So don’t use purple mode with wet hands. It doesn’t do this if you have dry hands though. A strange sensation but not unpleasant.
    Great little scrubber for face, removes dead skin efficiently and leaves skin feeling nice and smooth, very much like using a face cloth but less redness due to the strength of s face cloth. Very happy with it
    To start off I have to say it’s a perfect size I have small hands and it’s perfect size to hold not to big and bulky. I washed my face and used make up remover before using this and still it cleaned lots of dirt and make up off my face, I feel like my face has had a deep cleanse after just one use. It does your whole face. It’s warm on your face which is nice. Lots of vibration which gives your face a massage while doing this cleanse. Easy to turn in and off, keep clean and battery lasts ages when charged. Overall gentle on skin, effective
    Love this little gadget. It is just the right size for daily use, the battery lasts for a week. It makes cleansing my face so much better. It is super easy to use and massages as well. Since using the energy cleanser my face feels so much cleaner and fresher. My moisturiser seems to absorb quicker too. It has become an integral part of my daily routine.
    The shape and design is great, stylish, not to big, not to small. Really comfortable to hold in had and use it, doesn't slip away while I used it. The vibration is nice, not to strong. You can also change the lighting, to a different colour. I use it every day, just before bedtime. My forehead is getting really oily during the day, after I start to use this little helper, I can see that forehead getting less oily during the day. Also,I like to add ,I had a sinusitis, and I used it also as a massage device, to massage the area around the nose. Which also with perfect, I think.
    Nata Li
    Wow, what a fantastic innovative device to clean your face. I am very impressed by this. First, it looks very stylish and I like it's nude colour, it fits into your hand perfectly, is very comfortable to hold and does not slip from your hand during the use. I like that it has different modes for different skin concerns. After using it for a couple of weeks 1 minute a day, I definitely noticed my skin was much cleaner, looks healthier, and skin feels so good. I like it's gentle vibrations, this little device provides me with a lovely face massage whilst cleaning my pores. It's suitable for all skin types. Absolutely love it!
    Don’t really understand this product, I’ve been using it as per the instructions and don’t really see or feel any different in my skin, it’s quite nice to have on your face but I don’t really see it necessary for me personally. It has a soft bristle end and a smooth end which you can smooth all over your face and it vibrates
    I was sceptical as I’d never used something like this before so didn’t really believe I would be able to see or feel a difference from just the usual facial cleansing routine. I’ve found it easy to use I mainly use the red light on it and I’ve found even after the first use my skin feels really soft! Removes excess make up with ease, my skin looks brighter and I’ve not had any big breakouts. I would definitely recommend this if your looking for an electric facial cleanser. Holds charge for a long period of time too! and has a handy stand for you to place it in while your not using it.
    Been using this for about 3 week now and really happy with it, the design is nice sleek and stylish. It's nice and light and had its own stand, so perfect to store on my dresser. It's helped deep clean my skin and left me feeling fresh faced
    I've been using this for a little over 3 weeks now and after the first few uses I noticed that my skin felt much better, softer. I have had a lot less breakouts since I added this to my routine but for me the real treat to this machine is how relaxing it is to use. It sits nicely in the hand and just feels calming as I run it over my face. It's quick to charge and that charge does seem to last a while too. The included stand makes it easy to sit on my dressing table without it getting in the way or knocked off.
    Ugne P
    Great device for home spa, very easy to use, has three settings, wash energy for deep clean, heat energy for opening pores, ems setting for restoring skin elasticity. I use it with some face wash and noticed that my neglected mummy skin is not so dull and looks very clean and healthy. It only requires few minutes a day, which suits me because I have no time to go for lengthy treatments. Highly recommend.
    It's not been long that I have had this product and I'm already seeing the benefits of it! It's really helped me to deep exfoliate my skin which in affect has helped with me dry compromised skin! Highly recommended
    I've always used facial wipes to remove make up, but they don't deep cleanse my face. This cleanser is a great way of ensuring that all my make up, dirt and dead skin is removed. It leaves my face looking refreshed and my skin feeling silky and soft . It's great that it helps with aging too!
    I’m absolutely amazed by the many different facial treatments it does and after each use your skin is left feeling soft and smooth. It has heat massage setting, exfoliate setting and scrub setting along with led treatment this is absolutely amazing salon facial at home definitely a must have!im definitely sold with this beauty mate xx
    I have been using this product regular now and I can see a huge improvement on my face, I wear makeup everyday so this product insures my face is clean and my pores are unblocked. The product is very soothing on my skin and the charge is amazing and lasts ages. Highly recommend this device.
    I have been using this for a couple of weeks and I can already visibly notice the difference in my skin. It is much brighter and clearer, with noticeably less blackheads, I was amazed at how much dirt was still clogged up in my pores are after washing and cleansing my face, this tool definitely helps to remove all of the dirt stuck clogging up my pores. The massage setting feels very relaxing and helps soothe away stress and tension

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LED Energy Face Cleanser
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