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SENSSE MICRODERMA DUO is your go to 2-in-1 beauty tool for dermaplaning and microdermabrasion.

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41 reviews for Micro Derma Duo

    I am loving this product! My skin has never felt so smooth and looking so rejuvenated. This is really easy to use, make sure you read the instructions first so you know how to use it properly. This is now my favourite skin care product that I never want to be without! Highly recommend!
    I love including this in my skincare routine! The dermaplanning attachment is perfect for removing “Peach Fuzz” and dead skin cells from the face which would normally trap dirt and oils and block pores. The peach fuzz doesn’t grow back thicker or darker and my skin is noticeably smoother and more radiant, plus my makeup applies more evenly. The microdermabrasion attachment is perfect for gently exfoliating the skin. It’s easy to change the attachment, they are magnetic and just slide into place. There are 3 speeds which are controlled using a button on the side of the device which has a soft-touch finish and is an easy to hold design. Also comes with a charging dock / holder and USB charging cable. Definitely cheaper than going to a salon and a nice little self care treat!
    Very straight forward to use, nice and trendy design too with own charging base, easy to swap blades. My skin texture/appearance has improved, helps remove dry skin and fine facial hairs leaving the skin with a smoother appearance and making make up application appear smoother too! Would recommend!
    The Microderma Duo is so easy to use and maintain. I was surprised by how easy it is to change the blades. My skin doesn't look any different now, but I have only used it once for each, dermaplaning and microdermabrasion. The feel of my skin is much better though, it is soft and smooth and I have noticed my makeup goes on a lot better.
    I loved this! Firstly because it is a multi purpose tool, Secondly because it is so easy to use and I can control the level of intensity. My Skin feels and looks smooth and soft, can’t wait to see the long term results
    I've never used anything like this on my skin, and was wary to try it. I have large pores and the duo should help with this. I first tried the dermabrasion head, which worked well. It removed small hair and also some dried skin, I liked the results. I then tried the microdermabrasion heads, I was less than impressed. It is ultrasonic so the heads are stationary and you drag them across your skin. It did not feel as though it was doing anything and there was no changes to my skin, not even redness where I had applied the head. I will try again as I understand that it can take a few sessions.
    SENSSE™ MICRODERMA DUO is your go to 2-in-1 beauty tool for dermaplaning and microdermabrasion, it’s amazing how you can achieve professional results at the comfort of your home, I can’t wait to continue using it ! I will definitely recommend it to everyone and I will be gifting one to my besties as well!
    I have been using the wand for about a week now and an amazed already with the results. Initially I was wary having not used anything like this before but it is so simple to use with easy instructions. My skin is already looking smoother and more evenly toned. My make up looks flawless having a smoother base surface to be applied onto. It looks fresh and healthy and I’m excited to continue my new morning routine. Highly recommended
    First time of using anything like this. Was very surprised. After a few weeks my skin feels lovely and looks fresher My make up looks much better now as my face is a lot fresher. My hairs in my face seem to not show as much either. Would highly recommend
    Omg absolutely amazing product cant believe i havent found this sooner its incredible used a few times now and my skin looks so much better my makeup looks perfectly flawless and incredible cant believe the difference it has made very highly recommend it saves u liads in beauty salon fees MUST have
    I have been going to the salon for dermaplane once a month, so when I seen this duo beauty tool I was so excited to try it out. Honestly the results are amazing, my skin has never looked so fresh and vibrant and my uneven skin has disappeared. I have also found that my make-up looks so much fresher and blends into my skin a lot easier. The quality is 10/10 and I 100% recommend the microderma duo it's a beauty must have and I couldn't live without mine. It would also make a beautiful gift.
    I've used this a couple of times and I am really surprised with the results. My skin felt really smooth and made my face appear to look slightly younger after use. This is super easy to use whilst giving the result I was after. I would advise using this during a morning and then not applying any cosmetics for 24 hours afterwards. It does leave you skin looking a bit red after use which is fairly normal and does tingle if you try applying a face cream. This has now become my go to qdaily beauty item. Its a really functional beauty tool which allows you to use it for microdermabrasion and dermaplaning. The Microderma Duo features 5 dermaplaning blades and 2 microdermabrasion heads with 3 adjustable intensities, helping to promote a smooth and refined complexion. The dermaplaning blades are single use whilst the microbrasion heads can be used several times. Make sure you hold the skin taute whilst using. Pro's are: Easy to use Quick to set up Perfect for beginners 3 intensities Con's Takes 3 hours to charge Leaves a little skin reddening after use, which does subside after an hour.
    If you’ve been going to a salon to get your Microdermabrasion and Dermaplane treatments done - and paying a not inconsiderable amount each month - happy with the results - but not with the amount your spending? Then this product will change your life. It’s simple to use for both procedures - takes a little getting used to - but I went from ‘I could never do that myself’ from being proficient in a couple of months. Fantastic ‘salon’ results by my own hand. You’ll thank me for this review when you try it!
    I am a complete novice however every instruction was so very simple to understand for both settings of use. I tried a patch test first and all was well so when I used for the first time i found it really easy to move across each area my skin felt and looked much more radient and smooth to the appearance and touch. Used so far over 3 weeks and really happy with my results.
    I have used this a couple times now on my face as I seem to of developed a slight very pal soft fluff on my face(thanks menopause!) and must say I was impressed as left the area smooth and soft and wasn’t harsh on my skin at all. I have done this 3 times since having it and thought regrowth would of been hardly anything but it seems to be coming back already?,maybe because I’ve been in the sun and can see it more I am very fair so not like I have a dark beard or anything. But I can tell it’s there. I really wanted to try it a few more times before had to leave a review but as this was a freebie I had todo it by a certain date. I can say I like what I have seen so far and was happy with the results but would of liked longer to play about
    I used facial razors and wax strips to remove excess hair from face, but using this what a difference it made, once i did the areas i needed i found i was not having to remove the hair so often as previously. The microbrasion removing dead skin cells work really well and noticed how brighter my skin looked, so pleased with the results, definately worth it
    Microderma Due is very easy to use i find that you can choose between microderma pilling for freshness of your skin or you can use a microderma shaver which will help to get rid of the first layer of the skin for brighter and healthy looking skin . I find that after first use my skin on my face is looking more healthy you remember the day after use it to avoid the sun
    First time using a gadget on my skin always just stuck to cleansers and a flannel after using this for a few times I definitely noticed an improvement in my skin and my enlarged pores definitely seems smaller. I just need to remember to keep using this product now to keep up the good skin. Would definitely recommend to anyone who suffers with flaky skin or large pores
    I was worried this would be complicated to use, I’ve never used anything like it but it was so easy to use. Very straight forward. After using for a bit my complexion is already appearing more vibrant and feeling cleaner. The different settings are very good. So many uses. I’m in love with this product!
    This product is great. I’ve used it twice so far and it has a made a difference to the appearance of my skin. I suffer with dark facial hair which I find very embarrassing and im extremely self conscious about it. After the first time of using this product I manage to reduce the appearance of any of the hair by dermoplaning it off. It was gentle to the skin and didn’t leave any rash after. I did repeat it about 6 days later but I’m hoping that eventually I won’t have to do it so often. Just make sure you do it in front of a good mirror so you don’t go into your hairline. The microdermabrasion part of this I found felt a bit strange. Ive not had this done to my skin before so maybe I just need to get use to it. I haven’t notice a change yet but I’ve only used it a couple of times so will hopefully see progress to the way my skin looks soon. Anything to help me look more youthful now I’m nearing my forties.
    I’ve used this multiple times now and I love it. I’ve found that my makeup applies smoothly now without peach fuzz being a problem and my skin is clearer than before would definately recommend. Amazing product
    This changed my microdermabrasion routine! The gentle vibration allows the razor to smoothly glide over your skin and remove the fine peach fuzz and dry skin. I used to end up cutting my skin with the disposable razors but this has definitely allowed a smoother function.
    I have been getting the dermaplane treatment done once a month, So having received this i was so excited to try it out. My skin looks so healthy, glowing and feels fresh and it helps my make up application look a lot more flawless and makes my make up blend better. I would definitely recommend the microderma duo it's a beauty must have and I love mine. This product will save me alot of money not having to go out to get this treatment done, my skin has never felt better, it's like a magic wand.
    Wow I absolutely love this I have been going to salon to have it done so couldn’t wait to try this, I love that I can do dermaplaning and microdermabrasion it has 3 speed settings, and super easy to use it left my skin feeling super smooth and fresh I would Definitely recommend this.
    I've been using this for about 2 weeks now with noticeable improvement in my skin quality. I regularly used the little facial razors before this to remove peach fuzz and allow my make-up to sit better on the skin and I didn't see how this would be any different, but I was wrong! This makes my skin so much smoother, it somehow looks brighter too which I am super happy with. My make up sits beautifully - no dry or flaky patches that I'd sometimes get before. I haven't used the microdermabrasion tool as much, as it says I must build tolerance and not over-use. However, I have used this with the 100 head 3 times over some small scarring and fine wrinkles on my forehead and there is definitely minor improvements so I can't wait to see how far this helps. I have every faith, with the improvement so far, that with further use there will be more improvements and I'm excited to see! I have also noticed it's helped with large pores and blackheads - the pores appear smaller and the blackheads much less apparent, they are still there but appear smaller and lighter. The only slight negative I found was that the tool comes with a dermaplaning blade already inserted - this is shrink wrapped so held well - however, the device doesn't fit into the charger with this blade attached and as the replacement blade box is full, I had nowhere to put this safely. I would prefer the box either having another space for this, or just not have it already in the device. Overall though I am super happy with this and have already recommended it to friends!
    This is really easy to use. My skin looks brighter, firmer and more radiant. It feels really smooth and has helped to remove facial fuzz which is something I've been wary of lately. It is very easy to fit into my routine and I will continue to do so as the results have been positive.
    I can’t believe I didn’t find this sooner. It’s a complete game changer in terms of dermaplaning and microdermabrasion at home. This kit comes neatly packaged in a cute box with everything you need. It includes the duo itself, 5 dermaplaning blades, 2 microdermabrasion blades, usb charging cable and wireless charging base. It also contains an instruction booklet. It said to charge before first use and it can take up to 3 hours for a full charge. Mine didn’t take that long though. You place the duo upright in the stand. The charging base has an light which is white when turned on which shows it’s working. The duo itself has an indicator light that is red when it’s charging and turns blue when fully charged. When the battery is low the duo flashes 3 times and will turn itself off unless charged. The duo has one on/off button that you hold down to turn on and off. There are 3 intensity settings on the duo and you just press the button to change to the one you want to use. The blades slot easily into place and are secure. The dermaplaning blades are fantastic and removed all the peach fuzz, chin hairs and upper lip hairs. It feels safe to use and no risk of nicking my skin. For eyebrow tidy ups and shaping this is so easy to use and a timesaver. It took much less time than other methods. You get 2 diamond microdermabrasion blades one has 200 grains and is for sensitive areas like your eyes and around your nose. The 100 grains is for everywhere else. I found my skin super smooth and soft even after the first use. It really does remove every hair. When doing my eyebrows it’s so easy to guide and remove the hair. The duo isn’t heavy and is easy to hold. It makes a vibrating sound but it isn’t loud or annoying. It’s easy with the microdermabrasion blades too. I didn’t notice any irritation or anything. It does feel grainy but when it’s on the skin it doesn’t hurt. My skin feels and looks so much better and hair free. I love being able to take care of my eyebrows so quickly, easily and efficiently with it and it makes them look like they’ve been done by a professional. The booklet has full instructions on how to have full facial experience with both methods in one device. It’s honestly become my favourite beauty tool and I can’t recommend it enough.
    I’ve been wanting to have dermaplaning done for such a long time but with it being so expensive, I opted for “light” shaving. Unfortunately my face would itch so much when the hairs grew back, that I had to stop.I got the Microdermabrasion Duo and will never look back.I did my face just over two weeks ago and have to say, my make up looks flawless. I have less fine lines and my skin texture looks phenomenal. No fuzziness and my skin looks lighter than it was with the hair.It’s absolutely unbelievable how good my skin now looks without make up too.The Microdermabrasion tool has improved my skin texture and I now have a natural glow, which I’ve not had before.I am absolutely in love with this tool.It comes with extra blades and has 3 different intensities, a charger with charging stand and an instruction manual. Super easy to use and a fantastic investment and will save a lot of money.
    I had a dermaplaning session professionally and due to the cost decided to continue myself. This worked better than the session I paid £45 for in a salon. Look at some YouTube videos on how to use it and you're good to go - make sure you prep your skin properly. I only have light peach fuzz on my face which I normally wax and I no longer need to wax now I have this. The hair does grow back faster at first but lasted about a week. I've used it twice now and the hair is growing back slower now. It does not make your hair grow back thicker or darker. It deeply exfoliates your skin so it's important to cleanse and wear a high spf. My skin is literally glowing for days after using this! I highly recommend this product
    Suzanne M
    Not sure how I haven’t discovered this product before , if you struggle with large pores or ‘peach fuzz’ this is the right tool for you. The blades can easily be swapped, and can be charged with USB cable. I have tried both options and happg with results. My peach fuzz is gone and contrary to people’s thoughs this won’t grow back darker. I have it done professionally but this will save me a lot of money. My skin feels good and allskincare products sink in properly, not to mention my makeup sits nice . I had a few treatments od microdermabrasion however as much as I loved them they are expensive to do each month. With this machine I can easily so myself and as I can tell got the same results as done by professionals. Overall I am really happy with the product. will definatly recommend .
    I've been using this now for a few weeks and I can totally see a difference in my skin. Its definitely smoother and my tone has really evened out. Super easy to use, had a long charge and comes with all the accessories
    I absolutely love this device. It's very easy to use. It comes with a spare few attachments and blades. I found the instruction leaflet very handy and informative. My skin has been feeling so soft and smooth since I have used this device on my face. It did not hurt at all but was very gentle on the skin.
    Got this for myself and daughter to try as our skin broke out after doing a show after trying this our skin was so much better and felt smooth and clean will take a few goes to get full results but what iv use so far have been fantastic clean smooth face skin
    I've tried this product on couple of occasions now and I didn't wow me. The skin felt slightly smoother straight after using it, but nothing too spectacular. The appliance is very easy to use and assemble. I think I might see results after longer use, but not yet.
    I had very high hopes as I already do dermaplaning at home with disposable blades. I was immediately disappointed as the charging cable didn't work but I found a spare and charged before use as instructed. I started with the dermaplane but the results were not as good as what I was seeing with the disposable blades I use, hair was very present after a few days which normally lasts a week. I repeated after a few days, using the same blade, and much preferred my existing tools. I followed with the microderm and started on lowest setting but didn't feel much exfoliation, especially on the finer grade. Again I repeated a few days later and increased the intensity. When using I didn't feel much going on but my skin did feel smoother afterwards. I will continue to use to see if my skin improves but I must admit the replacement of the dermaplaning blades is off putting, they recommend one use only and a replacement pack contains 4 so will need to be purchased every month so a monetary commitment on top of the appliance itself.
    I received this Microderma Duo as I am the worst when it comes to pain with the threading and this is the best product I have used on my eye brows and my upper lips, this Microderma has given me a very smooth look, painless, and the best thing is no green upper lips or brows. Very easy to use and I would highly recommend ..the quality is a 10/10!!! Painless brows and upper lips!!! Perfect Microderma to use even in the dark as it comes with a amazing light, so handy when your on a budget with the electric!!!
    Wow I’ve never tried anything like this out before so I wasn’t sure what to expect to be totally honest . So easy to set up abs charge up comes with everything you need to start useing and watch your skin benefit ! Getting Rid of all the peach fuzz on my cheeks and all stray hairs above lip and my chin then gently glossing over face to renew my skin leaving it. Looking clearer . Brighter . Smoother . Hair free and smoother used a few times now and will continue to do so to keep me looking younger and fresher . With less visible fine lines . Hair . And just perfect looking skin can’t rave and rate about this fab duo enough ! Thank you kindly ! X
    Thanks to Tryit I have been able to test this product. After reading the instructions carefully which were clear and concise it took about 2.5 hours for product to be fully charged I love the fact that I can do a microdermabrasion treatment in my own home. The product is easy to use and I removed dead skin cells and unclogged my pores from my facial area at the same time. My face was a little red at first after first usage but after about half an hour the redness disappeared. My skin looks brighter and vibrant. I also like that the blades are interchangeable and have a good lasting period and are also easy to clean. I will continue to us this product as part of my home beauty regime.
    I have very sensitive and dry skin so I was wasting all my money on creams to try soothe and hydrate my skin until I received this product!! I can’t believe I’ve wasted soo much time trying to find a cream to solve my skin problems when alls I needed was this. I love how sleek and stylish it is also, it literally saved my skin!! Highly recommended.
    I love how soft my skin feels. This product is amazing not only does it remove all the dead skin cells and peach fuzz with ease it also unclogs your pores, giving you brighter looking skin. Its so easy to use and the blades are interchangeable.
    I have always gone to my favourite salon each month to have my skin dermaplaned but a friend recommended this device so I took the plunge. Its brilliant! I love the feel of the product and its so easy to use – the fact I can do a microdermabrasion treatment too is perfect. People have commented that my skin looks “vibrant” so my DermaDuo must be doing something right!

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