Silhouette LED Neck Mask
SENSSE Silhouette LED Neck MaskSENSSE Silhouette LED Neck Mask

Silhouette LED Neck Mask


The one place we often forget to target is our neck. The SENSSE™ SILHOUETTE LED NECK MASK has been designed to help repair the delicate skin on your neck. In just 10 mins a day this medical-grade, LED light technology device can help reduce fine lines, pigmentation, and other signs of aging.

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42 reviews for Silhouette LED Neck Mask

    Patricia C.
    It's a bit uncomfortable as I don't have a long neck. Apart from that, super happy with my purchase.
    As I start to age a little more around my neck I wanted something to help slow down the aging process. This beautiful neck mask by Sensse is perfect. It's so soft when putting on and I can tailor the lights to target the areas I need to concentrate on the most such as anti ageing. It's handy for travelling with as well and I have noticed a big difference in the appearance of my neck area after just over a week.
    I have only used this LED neck mask just under 2weeks and I am already seeing physical changes to my neck skin. Although the recommended time frame to see changes is between 8-12weeks so theres time for more changes to my neck and throat. I forgot to take a before picture of my neck so that I could post the results, ladies and gents you won't be disappointed. There are four programs for you different skin concerns, its battery operated so you don't need to be plugged in, you can go about your business for the recommended 10 minutes wearing it. If you take care of your face, like myself, then why do we not take so much care for our neck. This is absolutely fantastic, and I certainly won't regret using it neither will you!
    This neck mask has been on my to buy list for quite some time and my goodness it did not disapoint. as i have gotten older i have noticed a change in the texture of my skin. not only on my face but my neck. this mask has significantly improved by skins texture as well as the uneven tone i previoulsy suffered with. i cannot be without it!
    For a while i was looking for led neck mask now sowly getting in that age where my skin showing the age so i checked a while on the internet all the reviews and this one had the best so far! It's so easy to use and honestly i can see a huge difference after a month! Highly recommend!
    I’ve only used this a few times, but am hopeful for some great results as I build up use over time. I use a light therapy mask, and this is the same principle, so I’d imagine this is going to be a favourite bit of beauty therapy too! It’s super easy to use and set up, but be warned….if you have a shorter neck (like me!) it’s most comfortable to use whilst laying down for a few minutes. Looking forward to younger looking tighter jowls soon!
    I have recently started using this as the skin on my neck is quite wrinkled and saggy after years of neglect. It only takes ten minutes a day so I thought was worth a try, and after using it several times I can already see an improvement in my skin tone. It has 4 programs to pick from, depending on what you would like to target. I find it really relaxing too, it is soft and very easy to use. I am very pleased so far and I really enjoying using it, overall I think it's an excellent product.
    I have only recently started using this product. It seems to be working so far, it’s still early days. Packaging is lovely and the product seems good quality just Becareful one of my Velcro straps broke first time but nothing I couldn’t fix
    I've been using this for 6 weeks and I'm very pleased with the results so far. The silicone mask is soft, comfortable and easy to use. The charge in it lasts for days and I like that I can either sit and relax wearing it or use it while doing chores etc as it's battery operated. I often neglect my throat and neck whilst doing my skincare and it really showed once I started seeing the results from using this. My neck looks younger, firmer and I'm seeing a significant difference in the fine lines and discolouration. One of my favourite features is that there are different settings to choose for the skin concern you have. My only complaint is that I wish it came with a case for storage.
    I have never tried a neck mask before but I am pleasantly surprised by the Silhouette Neck Mask. The mask feels quite easy to use and the material of the mask is very soft and it feels gentle on the skin. I haven't noticed any results yet but I am going to carry on using it and hope it make a difference!
    I have been using this for nearly 6 weeks now and I have to say the difference is amazing. This fits amazing it’s so so comfortable, doesn’t make you hot or uncomfortable will definitely continue to use this product. Amazing thank you
    Although I always look after my facial skin, like a lot of women I've neglected my neck area and over the years I've developed fine lines and some wrinkles. So I was very interested to see if this LED neck mask would help and I'm not disappointed. There are four programmes to address specific neck skin concerns including increasing collagen production, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin imperfections. It's only 10 mins a day so I use it just before bedtime. Very relaxing, like getting a salon treatment. I do think that it has to be used daily to see an improvement over a few weeks. So it's now part of my daily beauty regime.
    This is absolutely amazing, we really do forgot about our necks when it comes to skin care but knowing you can have something like this involved with your skin care routine is an absolute game changer, never will I forget about my neck again! I’ve used this a handful of times now and I already notice a huge difference!
    I had my doubts whether this would work and it actually does. It is easy to charge and even easier to use. I literally fall asleep using it. I have been using it for about two weeks and the texture of my skin on my neck is actually smoother. Even my husband said my neck looked smoother snd he usually doesn’t even notice when I have a hair cut. Can’t wait to see how my neck looks in a few more weeks. I’m going the buy their face mask next.
    I've been wantig to try an LED mask for ages. My neck has always been very long and beautiful, but at 43 I can start seeing some lines. I only tried the mask twice so far, for 5 mins each time as recommended at the beginnig. I can definitely feel a warm sensation on my skin after the treatment (I am told this will eventually stop happening) so something must be happening. It's too early to say whether I can see some benefits, but I am hopeful! One thing I am not very impressed with this mask is its box. it's very neatly packed, but then i's difficult to put it away again. I want to make sure I look after it, and thatit doesn't gather any dust, but I wish that the box allowed for more space to put it back in. With the two cables it becomes quite a mission. I hope they will re-thing their packaging for a more user friendly format.
    This neck mask is really easy to use. I like that it treats numerous skin concerns and it's pretty comfortable to wear. I will continue to use it and see the results. I do feel like it's working, but need to test this over more time.
    I was rather sceptical about whether this would be any good or not but I’m actually very very pleased with the results! I use both this item for the neck and the full face one. I notice a reduction in fine lines and also smoother skin. I would really recommend them to anyone who would like to slow down the aging process in their face and neck.
    I have been really impressed with the sensse silhouette neck mask’s results, so much so that I am looking to purchase the sensse face mask. It is easy to use, easy to charge, and after two weeks of use the skin on my neck is noticeably softer and smoother. With continued use I anticipate that I will see further results, but I am more than happy with what it has achieved so far. I really like the fact that you can tailor the treatment to target your personal skin concerns with different settings.
    I’ve been using this for the last few weeks now and the skin on my neck is starting to feel much firmer , before it was starting to feel thin and sag a little , the fine lines in my neck are also fading slightly, I’m really impressed so far and can’t wait to see further results with long term usage. The product itself is really simple to use with 4 different light settings , I mainly use the red one which helps improve blood circulation, increases collagen production and tighten skin, the other 3 lights are purple , blue and yellow , these help with appearance of skin including texture and imperfections , help with skin drying and lines and wrinkles. The mask is rechargeable and includes a usb charging cable , once charged it’s lasts for days since you only use the mask for a few minutes at a time and I use the mask a few times a week. The mask is secured to your neck by straps with Velcro so you can adjust it for comfort to suit. It’s a great quality item fuss free and simple to use , I highly recommend it if your starting to age around your neck and want to firm it up and reduce the ageing look of wrinkles and sagging skin, it’s a great way to relax whilst wearing the mask.
    I have been using this Sensse Neck Mask for nearly 3 weeks now and i can see some improvement.Its only early days yet and im quite optimistic about results in few weeks.The mask is easy to use and instructions were easy to follow.I started off using the mask the recommended time and increased over 3 weeks.You select the setting you want and relax,sit back and let the mask do its job.The mask its self is soft and comfortable,you can adjust the velcro straps.Ive never thought of using anything for my neck,always focussed on face.My skin does feel more firmer and smooth.Best thing is you can do this in the comfort of your own home.Highly recommend
    Decided to finally give this a go and it's amazing! Great alternative if you are seeking a similar treatment but just so much easier being able to do it at home. Love how it comes with different settings that treat different things. Super easy and comfortable too, loving the results so far!
    Wow loving seeing the results have only been using afew weeks but this amazing led neck mask is great and is so comfortable too, you only need to use it around 10 mins a day and the results speak for themselves slowly but surely my neck skin is looking better, there are different programes to use and the different colours signify different results. It is brilliant iv been recommending it to my friends who have the same neck skin issues as myself love it
    I have been using this for a couple of weeks. The instructions are clear to follow and you can target specific areas of concern. I have noticed my skin is brighter on my neck now and looks smoother. I will continue to use this product and hopefully the results will be even better in a couple of weeks.
    The neck mask is very easy to use and the instructions were very clear. It felt very relaxing while I was wearing it and I didn’t feel like I looked too silly. So far so good and will keep using in the hope that I will start to see some benefits.
    I have been using it for three weeks now and am so happy with the result so far. I wear a chain as part of our custom and it has darkened the skin in the neck also I have been seeing some fine lines. I started using the neck mask and I could see the difference the darker skin is getting lighter now matching my skin tone, the fine lines are reducing also the skin feels firmer. With kids I did not have time to go for any treatment but this mask is to be used for just about 5 to 10 min in a week and it does wonders. It has four different settings that can be used as per the need. The instructions is very clear and easy to use. It can be easily recharged which lasts long as the usage time is less. Very easy to store and the feel of it is very smooth and soft. I am going to invest in more products from silhouette, loving the results.
    I was a bit sceptical about whether this would be any good for me or not, but I’m actually very pleased with the results, I’ve been noticing some fine lines the past while that I wanted to address. Having used it for a while now I’m really happy with the results that I’m seeing, Its super easy to use and comfortable to wear. I have noticed visible results already, Highly recommend
    I have tried this product for six weeks now and the results are great. The skin on my neck and chest looks smoother and I'm really impressed by it. I can't wait to try the rest of the products in this range.
    I received this several weeks ago and have been using for the recommended 10 minutes although I initially just used for 5 to get used to it. It’s easy to strap around your neck, it’s ever so slightly loose on me which is good as the silicone still moulds too my skin but it doesn’t feel suffocating! It’s super easy to use with choices of pressure-4 in fact- easy to use button remote that allows you to switch between them and choose your preferred setting. There are 57 Led pressure points that gently vibrate and massage your neck. It’s not painful or uncomfortable in the least. In fact, it’s very relaxing! It’s easy to wipe clean after use and comes in a slim box easy to store it in. I have noticed my neck seems to be firmer and more streamlined. Great product for anyone in their late 20s or over ( or mid 30s like me!) trying to reduce the signs of aging which are always the worst in areas like the neck. It does tone up the muscle area around your neck but you have to stick at it. I’m using several times a week in the evenings and it’s no hassle and mess free! Easy to use. Great product.
    The instructions were very easy to follow. It has 4 different light settings - blue is to improve skin texture, yellow improve lymphatic drainage, reduces thin lines, purple helps improve appearance of skin imperfections and red which improves blood circulation and tighten the skin. I used the red light setting mainly, my neck feels more tighter and the wrinkles have improved. Im sure it will get even better as i carry on using it. The mask itself was comfortable and soft. Impressed with the results so far
    I was a bit sceptical about whetherthis would be any good or just another faddy product, but I’m actually impressed with the results. I have noticed my neck lines already improving, with only using the product for 10mins a time! Having only used the neck mask for a good few weeks now I’m really impressed with the results, Its very easy to use and comfortable to wear. Highly recommend
    Wow. I was really worried and skeptical thinking this product wouldn’t do anything. But wow it is amazing! I have a fair few amount of lines on my neck as I’m getting mature lines. But I’ve used this a fair few times and it’s made a massive difference already. The lines have gone down massively. The mask is so easy to use and is comfortable. My neck feels so soft and firmer. Instructions were very easy to use. I would recommend this to family and friends.
    The silhouette neck mask is a great investment. The neck is often overlooked when it come to skin care. My mum always used to say make sure you put moisturiser on your neck too, many people forget and pay the price later in lift. The are so many different programs to choose from, depending on what you’re trying to achieve and it only taken ten minutes. I’m very happy with the product and will continue to use it
    I am really happy and impressed with Silhouette Neck Led Mask and what is does. I always cleanse and apply cream to my neck but aging still shows up and is really hard to hide it - I never thought that using a LED mask can give such a difference - my neck looks firmer and wrinkles smaller. I love that there are different settings to address different types of concerns or to use on various types of skin, as well as, that mask is really soft, easy to use and battery life is great!
    Wow I'm so impressed by this neck mask. I'd not heard of anything like this before and I was a bit sceptical on how affective it would be. It's like getting a skin treatment at home, the skin around my neck feels so much firmer and toned and it's really boosted my confidence. It is comfortable to wear and fits well around my neck with adjustable straps. It's really easy to use and I'm really happy with the results so far.
    I have deep wrinkles on my neck. They are horrible and when I saw this product I wasn't expecting much. After using it for a few days I noticed visible results. Like my wrinkles with ironed out almost. This was after 3 days use. It is very relaxing and easy to use and like a pamper to an area often forgotten. It made skin around the area more rejuvenated.
    Really happy with this LED neck mask. I have been wanting to get one of these for the longest time so I can do my own face and neck treatments at home. The number of settings this has allows me to treat every single one of my skin concerns! Its super easy to use and comfortable to wear. This is definitely something to consider investing in! I know I’m glad I did i love it so easy to wear and very light to wear it isn’t heavy
    I was really excited to try the Silhoutte Neck Mask as I’ve been noticing some fine lines that I wanted to address. Having used it for about a month now I’m really happy with the results that I’m seeing, and also love how simple it is to use. Highly recommend
    This is such a great product. Easy to fit around the neck and comfortable when it is on. The quality seems very good and durable. The instructions are simple. I have used this following the instructions for about 5 weeks now as my neck is starting show signs of ageing and I definitely feel like I can see a very small difference already my neck seems to appear a bit brighter I can't wait to see even more results over the next few weeks. The only thing I would say is that I wish it had a timer as it's so easy to forget how long it's been on for.
    I have been using this neck mask for a few weeks now and I have to say I am really impressed. I was a bit wary at first as I haven't used one before but I had no need to worry, it was simple to use and the instructions are great. I do have fine lines on my neck and I am really please to say that they already look finer thanks to this mask. It really is easy to use, there are many settings available to use too. The mask itself is very well made it is of fantastic quality. Overall an amazing product and one I would be happy to recommend.
    I wasn’t too sure about this initially but I have been using for a few weeks now and have seen an improvement already, the lines in my neck are reducing which is great. There is really simple instructions in the box and it only takes 10 mins. I use every night before bed. I will definitely continue with this and hope for even better results!
    I’ve been using this for a few weeks now. I use it in the evening for approximately 10 minutes whilst watching tv in bed. I have noticed an improvement on the fine lines on my neck, so I will indeed be carrying on using it. I might even go ahead and get one for my face too.
    In my late 50’s I have age spots appearing, loose skin and some lines and wrinkles on my neck. I have used the different light settings to help improve all of these issues, as each light targets a different issue. I have used it for 10 mins most days over the past 5 weeks and I can confidently say that my skin is feeling tighter and there are less lines and wrinkles visible. The age spots are definitely less noticeable. I can’t wait to see what my skin looks like in another 5 week’s time!

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