Over the past few years, LED face masks have become a permanent fixture in the nation’s beauty regimes. Once reserved for celebrity treatments and salon-visits, with the rise of

SENSSE LED Pro light therapy face mask, which was designed with improving a multitude of skin concerns – from improving blood circulation to reducing wrinkles and stimulating col

From the best neck creams to massage tools, these are the jawline, neck and décolletage treatments our beauty team rate. Best LED mask for the neck… Read More

There’s a big trend right now for LED face masks, which promise to plump, rejuvenate and hydrate by using intensive light rays. But do they actually work? Read More

The LED Face Mask from Sensse Professional is a complete face-fitting mask which uses LED light technology to tack your whole complexion in one. It is designed to address a multitu

LED masks have been all the rage for some time, especially in the celebrities arena. Stars like Millie Macintosh and Chrissy Teigen have sported them all over the gram, and they ar

You’re not the only one Googling ‘how to get rid of neck wrinkles’. The neck is one of those neglected areas that immediately gives the age game away, but horizontal crea

LED face masks have proven particularly popular with various setting to target specific skincare concerns. We’ve consulted the experts to get the lowdown. Read More

Our best budget buy offers much of the functionality of high-end models, at a fraction of the price. Our panel were particularly impressed by the sheer range of LED light therapies

Let’s be honest, the main drawback of many LED face masks on the market is the price tag. Which is why we’re happy to report that this budget-friendly buy boasted impressive fu

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