GLAMOUR POWER LIST 2023 – BEAUTY AWARDS WINNER From the best LED face mask to the do-it-all hair styling tool, here are the five winners that promise pro-level results at hom

5 beauty tools that are so high-tech they are GLAMOUR Beauty Power List Award Winners 2023 Crafted from flexible, lightweight silicone, Sensse’s Professional LED Face Mask scores

Best skincare tools for sculpting Sensse’s Silhouette tool does all the above, but for your body: it features four toning and deep massage attachments that tighten lax skin, smoo

If you’re looking for a beauty hack to ease your summer skin irritations, SENSSE may have the solution for you. The skincare brand’s latest innovation, the SENSSE pro LED f

10 fashion and beauty brands to try this summer If you’re looking for a beauty hack to ease your summer skin irritations, SENSSE may have the solution for you. The skincare brand

We loved using this mask, the velcro straps felt very secure and the 90 light bulbs were barely visible to us when we were wearing it – which was much more comfortable on our eye

Over the past few years, LED face masks have become a permanent fixture in the nation’s beauty regimes. Once reserved for celebrity treatments and salon-visits, with the rise of

SENSSE LED Pro light therapy face mask, which was designed with improving a multitude of skin concerns – from improving blood circulation to reducing wrinkles and stimulating col

From the best neck creams to massage tools, these are the jawline, neck and décolletage treatments our beauty team rate. Best LED mask for the neck… Read More

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