I Put an LED Mask to the Test at Home, and These Are My Honest Thoughts

At this point, I don’t think there’s any skincare device or treatment I won’t try, be it at home or in a clinic. Whether I’m getting electrical muscle stimulation during a FaceGym workout or doing my nightly gua sha massage, I’m always up for ramping up my skincare routine with additional support.

That being said, I had never given LED technology much thought. As much as I love a device, the one thing that all of the tools I’ve tried have in common is that you can pretty much see an instant difference after one use. This isn’t the case with LED technology. You will only see the benefits of using an LED device after incorporating it regularly into your routine. But if you keep it up for at least four weeks, the benefits are vast. Regular use of an LED mask can help with oil regulation and treat pigmentation, depending on which wavelength colour you’re using.

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