If mum is a fan of treating herself to facials, look no further than this mask; which will allow her to treat herself at home. LED face masks are certainly having a moment; and thi

Professional LED masks are stronger than at-home versions,” said Adeela, “but they aren’t useless if you have around 30 minutes before bed.” For L

A firm favourite of the Daily Mail Best Buys team, this LED mask may be pricey but it works wonders. It comes with 90 LED lights that can be programmed in four different colours to

Few of us dwell for long on the unsung hero of our beauty regime, but when you find the best face wash for your skin and its specific needs, you quickly realise the powerful role i

Led face masks are everywhere, but does the science support the claims? Once restricted to the four walls of a facialist’s clinic, LED masks have now fully broken into the mainst

Made popular by Hollywood stars like Chrissy Teigen, Kourtney Kardashian and Victoria Beckham, light therapy is a popular beauty treatment that you can now indulge in from the comf

TikTok is a great litmus test for what people are excited about in the beauty industry. And influencers on the platform have been raving about Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty since it

LED face masks – or LED light therapy masks – are the result of light therapy becoming mainstream. The latest in a long line of beauty tech devices that have made the t

Victoria Beckham recently posted a picture of herself with her latest beauty gadget – a light emitting diode (LED) mask. She’s not the only fan of the device – Kourtney Karda

Your beauty obsessed loved one is sure to squeal in excitement at the Sensse Professional LED Light Therapy Face Mask (£130). This mask contains 90 LED lights that help with impro

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